A little bit of American Soda history...

American SodaHere at American Soda we've been supplying the UK and Europe with delicious American sweets, American drinks and American food since 2004.

We began life on eBay, selling some root beer, purely by chance. Such was the popularity of the drink and the difficulties involved in getting here in the UK back then it really took off.

Gradually we began introducing more American products, set up in Ashton-under-Lyne with a warehouse, eventually launching our own site and we discovered a previously hidden demand for all things American amongst the UK population. It was amazing to see that our love for American produce was shared by a good many of you and we're delighted to be able to supply that remarkable demand. Such demand, in fact, we've now moved to a much larger warehuse in Droylsden! 

Today we import over 1,200 different American drinks, food and candy, we are constantly finding new delights to share with you and ALWAYS looking to improve our customer service so that when you shop with American Soda you're getting the best of everything. 

In fact, as well as finding the best food and drink and keeping the prices as low as possible, we're just as proud of the level of service we provide to you. Here's just a few comments we've received from you over the months and years:

"...when I phoned I spoke to Alex who was so friendly and helpful, it's so nice to talk to someone who actually wants to help and get the problem solved as soon as possible...I'll definitely be shopping here again!" 
Anne Mitchell (UK) 

"...I just love your website. It's very easy to use and the product displays are so eye-catching and colourful you want to buy them all."
Karen Hudson (UK)

"Just wanted to say absolutely outstanding service. I will be back very, very soon."
Sam Pears (UK)

"Thank you very much for your fast answers and how helpful you have been. I like the way you work, you can count me in your regular customers."
Michael Mazet (France)

"I love your site and your products and will continue to make purchases. America Soda provides a very welcome taste of home for me and many other expats."
Nicole Suttie (USA (living in the UK!))

It's comments like these that really make what we do worthwhile. It's one thing to import and sell the best America has to offer but knowing we're actually making people happy is a real and valued reward and we mean that.

For as long as we're making you happy and as long as there is demand for US candy, food and drink, we'll be here for you.

If you have any questions about what we do, our products or anything else, please check out our FAQ, email customercare@americansoda.co.uk or catch up with us on: