Big Red Soda 20 FL OZ (591ml)

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Big Red Soda 20 FL OZ (591ml)

Introducing Big Red Soda! Created by Grover C. Thomsen and R.H. Roark in 1937, Beg Red is considered to be the original 'red cream soda'. The years may have passed but that smooth frothy taste remains. Low in carbonation, big in taste, a truly winning formula.

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Big Red SodaBig Red has been around for so long (1937 to be precise!) that it's pretty much a household name over in America.

The sweet, smooth taste is out there all on its own, as you would expect from a drink that calls itself the original red cream soda! From our point of view, we're delighted to be able to bring it here to the UK. We really hope you like it.

Did You Know

Big Red Soda and Fox teamed up to help launch A Good Day To Die Hard, starring Bruce Willis and the latest in the Die Hard franchise.

The "Zero To A Hero" marketing campaign involved special edition themed packages, prize giveaways and more. The grand prize was an Ultimate Die Hard Stunt Trip Adventure.