Sangría Casera 355ml

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Sangría Casera 355ml

Want the flavour of sangria without the pesky hangover the next day? Look no further - Sangría Casera is a Mexican drink that combines wine grapes, lemon, cane sugar and carbonated water to produce the same fruity, rich flavour of sangria without the alcohol. It works really well!

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Mexican Food & Drink

Mexico has a rich and varied history when it comes to food and drink. As you might imagine, it's indigenous cuisine is heavily influenced by Spanish cuisine, but there are elements of French cooking in there too, especially in their breads, sauces and methods.

Tortillas form the basis of most Mexican dishes. The corn or wheat flour savoury pancakes are topped with a dizzying array of foods to create the best and most authentic Mexican dishes.

Chillies and frijoles also play a large part in Mexican cooking. There are over a hundred different kinds of chilli and almost as many kinds of frijoles, underlining the diversity of Mexican cooking.

These and many more ingredients come together to create such flavoursome dishes as tacos, enchiladas, tostados, quesadillas and guacamole. And to wash it all down..?

Possibly the most famous Mexican drink is tequila, but they also enjoy non-alcoholic drinks like Jarritos soda, chocolate drinks (the Mexicans were, in fact, the first people to make chocolate!) and more.

At American Soda we want to celebrate the many flavours of Mexico by bringing authentic, genuine Mexican products to you here in the UK and Europe. We hope you enjoy!