Frequently Asked Questions

FAQOur customer service team field a lot of varied questions during the course of a typical day here at American Soda. However, there are some questions that crop up with a regularity that demanded we create an FAQ page. So, in the interests of giving our staff a bit of a break and, more importantly, answering your queries in a succinct manner, here is the American Soda FAQ page! 

Of course, if you don't find the answer to your question here, you're more than welcome to email - we're here to help!

Let's get stuck in.

Do you sell products wholesale?

We do. Please visit

Can you get X product?

We get many requests for items over the phone and via email. The answer to this question is really rather simple. Every request we get we log. Should there be significant demand we'll then try to find it and see if we can import it. If that's a yes, then we'll get a small supply in order to 'test the market'. Should it prove to be popular enough, we'll then source more and it will become a fixture amongst our product list. Please don't be afraid to ask for something you want - we want to know what you'd like to see us stock and if you don't ask, you don't get! We can't promise to get everything, but where we can, we will.

How can I pay?

Whether ordering on this very website or over the phone we have several payment options for you to choose from. By far our most popular is Paypal, as it is secure and simple. If you don't have a Paypal account, not to worry. We also accept all major credit and debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard and Maestro. 

Do you do free delivery?

Yes, we do - under certain circumstances. Throughout the year any orders over £50 qualify for free standard delivery (that's our 3-5 day service) in the UK only. However, there are certain times of the year where we do free delivery on ALL orders (usually UK only again, I'm afraid). The best way to find out when these times are is to sign up to our newsletter. You can do this from our homepage - just fill in your details in the grey box below the main banner image and hit Sign Up.

Where is my order?

A common enough question. All of our orders are sent by tracked courier. The courier depends on how quickly you want your order delivered, how big it is and / or where you want your parcel delivering. When your order is despatched you are sent an email with a tracking code in it and who your order is being sent with. You can track your parcel at the following websites:

If you have any queries about your delivery or you believe it to be late, then please contact our customer service team email

How do American Best By dates work?

Of all Frequently Asked Questions, this and similar is by far the MOST frequent! Let us be frank - we strive to ensure all the products we send out are well in date. However, due to the nature of our business it does happen that you could receive an item that is past its 'Best By' date. In most cases this does not been the product is past its 'Sell By' date as we know it in the UK. An American product a couple of weeks past its 'Best By' date is generally still perfectly fine to eat or drink. 

Please also note that the dates stamped on American products are not the same as here in the UK and Europe. If a product has a date of "01/11", for example, the 'Best By' date is actually 11th of January, not 1st of November as you might expect. Also, a lot of American products have a code stamped on them that looks a lot like a 'Best By' date but they're not, they're simply identifying codes for stores in the States. 

Where our products are short dated, this will be indicated on the site but the majority have at least two months before they reach that 'Best By' date. This is worth considering if you're buying ahead for Christmas or a birthday. It is probably best to wait until closer to the event before ordering to ensure your products are well within their 'Best By' date.

If you have ANY queries about the dates on certain products, please call or email us and we can check them for you.

Why don't you sell certain things anymore?

In certain cases we are prevented from selling some products by the original manufacturer or by UK law. As an example, we can no longer sell the American Mountain Dew due to the branding on the can of "MTN Dew" as this is for the American market only and the parent company has asked us not to sell it over here. When we receive such requests we always comply with the law. This is as disappointing for us as it is for you but we will not break the law

In other cases, some American products contain ingredients that are banned in the EU for one reason or another. Again, in these instances we will always comply with the law and not import such products. 

Of course, laws change so who knows what the future holds on the likes of American Mountain Dew and others?

Didn't you used to have an app?

We did indeed! And we do again - for Android, iOS and tablets. Just pop over here to find out how to downlaod it.

Can you sponsor/support me/my charity?

At American Soda we're very aware of our responsibility to help those in less fortunate positions than ourselves. With this in mind, we always look at every request for support and we do help out where we can. If we can help you, great, if we can't for some reason, we hope you understand. Either way, you can always ask us by emailing