Flix Box of Boogers 3.25 OZ (92.1g)

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Flix Box of Boogers 3.25 OZ (92.1g)

A truly awesome if gruesome candy for Halloween, Flix Box of Boogers is a remarkably accurate description of this box of sweets. You see, when you open it up and take one out for the first time you will SWEAR that's a booger (or bogey here in the UK) between your fingers! Fortunately, they taste GREAT - flavours include Snottermelon, Lemon Loogey, Sour Green Boogey. You get the picture...now get the box!

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Introducing Flix Candy

Flix Candy have been producing their own brand of candy since the early 90s, along with some deliciously different brands under licence. That's while you'll see Flix own range of candy (especially lollipops!) alongside names you know and love.

These include Disney, Rudolph, Marvel, Klondike Candy, Scooby Doo, Angry Birds and many more.

We're loving Flix here at American Soda!