Herr's Chocolate Pretzel Rods 0.7 OZ (19.8g)

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Herr's Chocolate Pretzel Rods 0.7 OZ (19.8g)

Sweet and salty sticks of pretzel covered in delicious chocolate, a handful of Herr's Chocolate Pretzel rods make for a fantastic snack when you're just chilling out at home. Pick up a few rods today and see what we mean!

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Did You Know?

Herr's began producing potato chips way back in 1946 when a 21 year old by the name of James Stauffer Herr bought a small company in Pennsylvania for just $1,750.

The Herr's potato chip was born and it grew in popularity until, in 1958 Mr Herr realised he needed to innovate.

He began adding seasoning to his potato chips for the first time. It started with barbecue and grew to include many flavours.

Today Herr's is a favourite across the States and now boasts over 340 different kinds of snacks in it's range!