Hubba Bubba Halloween Monster Tape 2 OZ (56.7g)

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Hubba Bubba Halloween Monster Tape 2 OZ (56.7g)

FIVE FEET of original Hubba Bubba gum flavour in a Halloween-themed bubble tape dispenser. Will you get Dracula, the Mummy or Frankenstein's Monster? You'll have to wait until arrives to see!

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Did You Know?

Hubba Bubba bubble gum was the first bubble gum introduced by Wrigley's, way back in 1979. The name was chosen thanks to the phrase used by Amerian soldiers in World War II to express approval - "Hubba Hubba"! Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape was introduced in 2003 when Wrigley's acquired the product from another company and is now available in a wide range of flavours. We think Hubba Bubba is the best bubble gum around for blowing bubbles with and the Bubble Tape is a great way to enjoy it!