Jell-O Banana Cream Instant Pudding & Pie Filling 3.4 OZ (96g)

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Jell-O Banana Cream Instant Pudding & Pie Filling 3.4 OZ (96g)

Banana pies! Great for 'pie-ing' people...but also good for eating, and now they're easy to make thanks to Jell-O Instant Banana Pudding & Pie Filling. Or you can just have four servings of banana pudding, it's really up to you...

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Jell-O - THE Name in Desserts

Jell-O ShotsKraft Foods Jell-O brand is as well known as any when it comes to jelly, puddings and pie fillings. In fact, when Americans talk about gelatin desserts these days they just say "Jell-O". The brand has become synonymous with the dessert!

Here at American Soda we're fans of both the gelatin dessert (known as Jell-O from now on!) and pudding and pie fillings.

Jell-O Shots

One of the most popular uses of Jell-O is to make Jell-O shots, an alcoholic dessert commonly made in shot glasses. It requires some experimentation as to how much alcohol to use in order for the Jell-O to set, but typically, using vodka or rum, it's about a third to a half of the total liquid.

Get the mixture right though, and they can really get you drunk! As the alcohol is absorbed slower than when drinking it, it's easy to underestimate just how much you've had!



Serving Size: (25g)

Amount Per 100g

Sugar, Dextrose (From Corn), Modified Food Starch, Contains Less Than 2% Of Natural And Artificial Flavor, Salt, Disodium Phosphate And Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate (For Thickening), Mono- And Diglycerides (Prevent Foaming), Tartrazine (E102) *, Sunset Yellow (E110) *, Artificial Color, BHA (Preservative).

If * May have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.
For allergens see Ingredients in bold.
Imported By CL Trading Ltd. Littlemoss Rd. M437EF
Energy: 1506.2KJ / 360kcal 
Total Fat: 0g
Saturated Fat: 0g
Sodium: 1440mg
Total Carbohdrate: 92g
Sugars: 72g
Protein: 0g