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Moon Pie Bites 3.1 OZ (88g)

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Moon Pie Bites 3.1 OZ (88g)

These delicious candy treats combine classic graham biscuit, marshmallow and chocolate flavours in a delicious bite-sized treat that are simply out of this world - if you like traditional Moon Pies you really need to try these. Same great taste but in bite size, what could be better! Go on, pick your box up today.

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Did You Know

Moon PieMoon Pies were introduced during the Great Depression in the US. Bakers in Tennessee combined marshmallow creme with graham crackers in a sandwich style and then, further down the line, they added chocolate to create the first, recognisable moon pie.

The tradition of eating Moon Pies and drinking RC Cola began because both products were relatively inexpensive and the Moon Pies were quite large, creating a "working man's lunch".

This was so popular that it spawned the song "Gimmee an RC Cola and a Moon Pie" by Big Bill LIster in the 1950s.

Not the catchiest title!

All we know is that Mon Pies are absolutely delicious and we're over the moon (pardon the pun!) that we've finally managed to get them over here to the UK!

Ingredients: Milk Confectionary coating(Sugar, palm kernal and palm oil, cocoa powder, whey powder, nonfat milk powder, soy lecthin, vanilla); Marshmallow flavored centre, Wheat flour, fully hydrogenated vegetable oil, (palm kernal and soybean), confectioner sugar, (sugar, corn starch). Graham Bits.(sugar, wheat flour, canola oil, wheat starch, cinnamon, honey(natural flavor), salt caramel color and turmeric, water, corn syrup, fructose, palm oil, titanium dioxide, soy lecthin, salt, and xanthan gum, artifical flavoring.