Pepsi Cherry Vanilla 12 FL OZ (355ml)

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Pepsi Cherry Vanilla 12 FL OZ (355ml)

Pepsi Cherry Vanilla is a limited edition flavour from Pepsi, which is a crying shame because it's absolutely delicious! We suggest you get hold of yours right now, because our stock is even more limited, as we're sure you would expect. Enjoy this flavour fusion while you can.

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Did You Know?

Pepsi Cherry Vanilla was first introduced in 2010 as a limited edition - just as it has been this time. Back in 2010 the website Bev Review had this to say about it:
Well, overall, it’s good. To be honest, it probably skews more towards vanilla than cherry, though there is a cherry essence in there. For example, you know what an “aftertaste” is, right? Well, let’s pretend we also have something called a “beforetaste” as well as a “midtaste” (I know, it’s ridiculous, humor me here!). When you first put Cherry Vanilla Pepsi to your lips, you are greeted by a vanilla “beforetaste”, followed by a cherry “midtaste”, then wrapped up by a vanilla “aftertaste”. It’s basically a sandwich, with a weaker cherry flavor surrounded by two powerful slices of vanilla.