Snapple All Natural Half 'n Half Lemonade & Iced Tea 16 FL OZ (473ml)

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Snapple All Natural Half 'n Half Lemonade & Iced Tea 16 FL OZ (473ml)

Can't decide between a cold glass of lemonade or a refreshing iced tea? Don't worry, Snapple have you covered with Snapple Half 'n Half, a mash up of both! Dive into the taste today!

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In 1972 the triumvirate of Leonard Marsh, Hyman Golden, and Arnold Greenberg created the Unadulterated Fruit Company and began selling Snapple drinks to health shops in New York City.

The company grew and grew and Snapple became an American household name, with the range expanding to include not only fruit juices but a variety of tea flavours too. Lemon Iced Tea was the first, introduced in 1987.

In 2012, Snapple took it one step further, combining refreshing lemonade with delicious green and black iced tea to produce Snapple Half 'n Half.

Did You Know

Under every Snapple Bottle Cap there is a "Real Fact", providing interesting trivia to mull over while you enjoy your delicious American drink.

Example? "Real Fact" #5 - A camel has three eyelids. So now you know!

Ingredients: Filtered water, Sugar, Clarified Lemon Juice Concentrate, Citric Acid, Natural Flavours, Tea.