Tropical Razzles 1.4 OZ (40g)

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Tropical Razzles 1.4 OZ (40g)

Fantastic tropical flavours include pineapple, strawberry-bana, tropical punch, tangerine and kiwi-lime in every bag of Tropical Razzles, the candy that turns into gum!

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"First it's a candy, then it's a gum. Little round Razzles are so much fun."

Razzles have been around since 1966 and are now produced by Tootise Roll Industries. As the advertising slogan above says, Razzles start off as candy but turn into chewing gum the more you chew them!

The sharp-eyed and eared amongst you may have noticed them referenced in the film 13 Going On 30!

Ingredients: sugar, gum base, citric acid, calcium stearate, artificial flavours, artificial colors E129, E133, E102,E110,