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Discover the largest range of American Sweets, Candy, Soda & Food in the UK - over 1,000 products!

Here at American Soda we pride ourselves in bringing genuine American candy, food and drink direct from the US to the UK. We stock over 1,000 product lines, from world famous American sweetssodas (including Mountain Dew!) and foods to less well known but equally delicious products we have discovered over the years.

Because we import 99% of all our products from the US, you can be sure that when you buy through us you're getting the genuine article. Accept no imitations!

If there's something you think we should carry but don't, then please let us know. We're always interested in new, delicious American food and drink so point us in the right direction!

We also import candy, food and drink from other countries, including Japan. Why? Well, because you've either asked us to or they're American products available ONLY in those countries - which means we want to get them to you even more!

You can see our newest products here or browse our latest offers here.

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