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Discover the largest range of American Sweets, Candy, Soda & Food in the UK - over 1,000 products!

For over a decade American Soda has been importing American soda, candy, chocolate and food to the UK for you to enjoy here in the UK and throughout Europe.

We started with a pallet of root beer and have grown over the years to a product range of over 1,200 delicious American sweets, American sodas and American food. We couldn't have done it without you, our loyal customers, and for that we thank you.

At American Soda we LOVE what we do. We love discovering new American food and drink, we love bringing it over here for you and we love hearing what you think of it all.

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Perhaps the best place to tell us what you want or give us feedback is on social media. Please hook up with us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or even Instagram! We'd be delighted if you did and we always respond to any questions or requests within 24 hours!

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