Nola Gluten Free Cookies Caramelized Strawberry - 75g

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Nola Gluten Free Cookies Caramelized Strawberry are a delightful treat that combines the sweetness of strawberries with the rich depth of caramelization. These cookies feature pieces of strawberry that have been caramelized, infusing them with a deep, sweet flavour that's enhanced by the baking process. The strawberries are mixed into a buttery, crumbly cookie dough, resulting in a biscuit that's both flavourful and texturally satisfying.

Ideal for those who enjoy fruity flavours in their cookies, Nola's Caramelized Strawberry variety offers a unique twist on traditional strawberry-flavoured biscuits. The process of caramelizing the strawberries deepens their natural sweetness and adds a hint of toasty richness, making these cookies a sophisticated treat. They are perfect for enjoying with tea or coffee, as a special snack, or as a sweet addition to a dessert platter. Nola Cookies Caramelized Strawberry is a delicious choice for anyone seeking a cookie that pairs the natural sweetness of fruit with the indulgent taste of caramel.
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