Nola Gluten Free Cookies Dark Chocolate - 75g

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Nola Gluten Free Cookies Dark Chocolate offers a rich and indulgent treat for lovers of deeper, more intense chocolate flavors. These cookies are made with high-quality dark chocolate, which imparts a luxurious taste profile characterized by a bittersweet edge and a depth of flavor that's more pronounced than traditional milk chocolate. The dark chocolate is integrated into the cookie dough, creating a richly flavored, slightly crisp yet tender cookie.

Ideal for those who appreciate the sophistication of dark chocolate, Nola Cookies Dark Chocolate are perfect for enjoying with a cup of tea or coffee, as an after-dinner treat, or simply as a special snack. The robust flavour of the dark chocolate in these cookies makes them a popular choice for those seeking a gourmet cookie experience with a mature and refined chocolate taste. Nola's use of dark chocolate ensures a cookie that's not overly sweet but richly satisfying, catering to the palates of dark chocolate aficionados.

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