Hostess Cherry Pie Scented Candle - 3oz (90g)

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The Hostess Cherry Pie Scented Candle is an aromatic homage to one of America's favorite dessert treats. As soon as it's lit, the room begins to fill with the unmistakable, nostalgic aroma of a freshly baked cherry pie, whisking you away to simpler times when pies cooled on windowsills and their scents wafted through neighborhoods. It's not just about the scent of cherries, but also the buttery aroma of the flaky crust and the subtle hints of sugar and spices. The candle captures the essence of the classic Hostess cherry pie, making it almost tangible.

The design of the candle also pays tribute to the iconic Hostess brand. Housed in a jar that mirrors the colours and branding of the cherry pie's packaging, it's a delightful piece of nostalgia for the eyes and the nose. Beyond its scent, it acts as a conversation starter, a piece of décor, and a nod to retro Americana. For anyone who's ever taken a bite of a Hostess cherry pie, this candle promises to rekindle those sweet memories every time it's lit. Whether you're looking to indulge in some personal relaxation or set a comforting mood for guests, the Hostess Cherry Pie Scented Candle delivers on all fronts.

Imported from the USA.
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