Frankford Hot Chocolate Skull Bomb - 1.6oz (45g)

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The Frankford Hot Chocolate Skull Bomb is a creative and whimsical way to enjoy hot chocolate. These skull-shaped hot chocolate bombs are designed to transform your hot milk or water into a rich and indulgent hot chocolate drink.

Here's how they work: Simply place the skull bomb in a mug and pour hot milk or water over it. As the hot liquid interacts with the skull bomb, it begins to melt and release a delicious mix of cocoa and marshmallows from within. The result is a creamy and flavorful hot chocolate that's both visually striking and satisfying to drink.

Frankford Hot Chocolate Skull Bombs are not only a fun and entertaining way to enjoy hot chocolate, but they also make for fantastic gifts or treats during Halloween or other spooky-themed occasions. Whether you're sipping it by yourself or sharing it with friends and family, these skull bombs add an element of surprise and indulgence to your hot chocolate experience.

Imported from the USA.
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