Frankford Monster Hot Chocolate Bomb - 1.6oz (45g)

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Frankford Monster Hot Chocolate Bomb is an innovative and festive treat designed to bring excitement and a unique experience to hot chocolate lovers. The concept of the hot chocolate bomb has recently gained immense popularity, with Frankford Monster offering a Halloween twist to the delightful confectionery. It's a spherical chocolate shell, often ornately decorated, that conceals a surprising payload of hot cocoa mix and marshmallows, which only reveals itself when immersed in hot milk.

This Monster variant is especially appealing during the Halloween season, offering a spooky yet delightful aesthetic to the traditional hot chocolate experience. Once the chocolate shell melts away in the hot liquid, a cascade of marshmallows and cocoa mix erupts to blend with the milk, creating a rich and creamy beverage. The Frankford Monster Hot Chocolate Bomb combines both the interactive joy of watching the bomb dissolve and the comforting pleasure of savouring a cup of hot chocolate, making it a favoured choice during the chilly autumn evenings. Whether for festive gatherings or solitary indulgences, this hot chocolate bomb promises a concoction of warmth and flavour with a monstrous twist.
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